Information for Participants

  1. Registration
  2. Shuttle Bus Operation
  3. Cloakroom
  4. Luncheon Seminar Tickets
  5. JNS Members’ General Meeting and Get-Together Party
  6. Credits for Specialist Doctors, Board-Certified Doctors, and Trainee Board- Certified Pharmacists
  7. The JNS Meeting Planner – Abstract Search / Schedule Creation System
  8. Internet Service and Business Center
  9. Free Drink and Breakfast Services
  10. Information Board
  11. Press Room
  12. Participants with Children
  13. Prohibitions

1. Registration

ŸRegistration Desk Opening Hours and Location:
Date Hours Location
July 28 8:00-17:30 Foyer, 1F, Hall No.2 Building, Kobe International Exhibition Hall
July 29 8:00-17:30
July 30 8:00-16:30
July 31 8:00-14:00 In front of Main Hall, 1F, Kobe International Conference Center

ŸPre-Registered Participants in Japan:
Please pick up the congress bag and meeting program at the gMeeting Program and Congress Bag Deskh You will need an exchange ticket, which the Nueroscience2015 Secretariat has sent to you prior to the meeting.

ŸPre-Registered Participants Coming from Overseas:
Please show up at the gGeneral Informationh and pick up your meeting badge, meeting program, and congress bag.

ŸOnsite Registration
Fill out the registration form and bring it to the gOnsite Registration Desk.h
Only cash payment is accepted. We do not accept credit cards.
One-day ticket (JPY 5,000) is also available for the last day (July 31).

Onsite Registration Fee

  Members Nonmembers One day (7/31)
Registration Reception Registration Reception Registration
  General JPY 19,000 JPY 4,000 JPY 24,000 JPY 4,000 JPY 5,000
  Postgraduates JPY 3,000 JPY 2,000 JPY 5,000 JPY 2,000 JPY 5,000
Free JPY 1,000 Free JPY 1,000 Free

Note: Students are required to show a valid student ID card.

A meeting badge holder is available near the Registration Desk.
Make sure to wear your meeting badge at all times during the meeting.

Fill out a Registration Form and submit it to the registration desk.
The form will be available near the registration desk. You can also download by clicking one of the buttons below.



Undergraduate Students

2. Shuttle Bus Operation

Free shuttle bus service is available for all participants during the period of July 28 - 30.
Please see Access for operating time and bus stops.

3. Cloakroom

The cloakroom is located on the first floor, No.2 Hall Building, Kobe International Exhibition Hall, and is available for the storage of your luggage. Please note that valuables, umbrellas and perishable goods cannot be accepted.

Hours of Operation:
July 28 8:00-19:45
July 29 8:00-21:00
July 30 8:00-18:45
July 31 8:00-18:00

4. Luncheon Seminar Tickets

To attend a Luncheon Seminar, you need an ticket for each seminar. Please show your meeting badge to receive the ticket. Please note that the number of tickets is limited.

Ticket Distribution Time:
July 28 8:00-10:30
July 29 8:00-10:30
July 30 8:00-10:30
Ticket Desk, 1F, Hall No.2 Building, Kobe International Exhibition Hall

*Tickets are limited to one ticket per day per attendee.

5. JNS Members’ General Meeting and Get-Together Party

JNS Members’ General Meeting and Get-Together Party will be held as follows:

JNS members’ general meeting

This year’s get-together party will be held at the Poster/Exhibition Hall in a casual atmosphere. This will be a great opportunity to interact with many researchers, including plenary and symposium speakers, over drinks. We look forward to many participants attending this reception. Onsite registration is possible. Register early, as space is limited.

6. Credits for Specialist Doctors, Board-Certified Doctors, and Trainee Board-Certified Pharmacists

With your participation at Nueroscience2015, you will be able to obtain credits for training programs from the respective societies listed below. Please take this opportunity if you are enrolled in any of these training programs:

To renew your specialist certification with the Japanese Society of Psychiatry and Neurology, please show your Psychiatric Specialist Certification Test Certificate (point card) at the Registration Desk. For other academic societies, please submit your meeting badge and a receipt to those respective societies in order to apply for the credit.

Hours of Operation:
8:00-17:30 (July 28, 29)
8:00-16:30 (July 30)
8:00-14:00 (July 31)

7. The JNS Meeting Planner – Abstract Search / Schedule Creation System

Please use the JNS meeting planner and app for smartphones and tablets available at:
Abstracts will not be printed for distribution, but will be available at the JNS website even after the meeting ends.

8. Internet Service and Business Center

Free Wi-Fi service and electrical outlets are available at the 1st Floor of Hall No. 2, Kobe International Exhibition Hall.

Copying, printing, PC & Internet are available at the Business Center (pay services):

2F, Kobe International Conference Center
1F, Hall No.2 Building, Kobe International Exhibition Hall

9. Free Drink and Breakfast Services

Free drinks and breakfasts will be provided during the meeting (July 28-30) at No.2 Hall Building, Kobe International Exhibition Hall.
Breads and coffee will be served as breakfast between 8:00-8:50.
Please note that number of drinks and breakfasts we can serve is limited.

10. Information Board

No paging service will be provided. Please use the information board near the Registration Desk.

11. Press Room

8:00-18:30 (July 28-30)
Room 407, 4F, Kobe International Conference Center

Information will be actively provided to the press as part of the PR activities of the meeting. For this purpose, a Press Room will be set up to assist reporters in smoothly covering the meeting and to enable more in-depth reporting, such as inviting specific lecture presenters for interviews.
Press registration at the General Information Desk is required for media representatives by showing their press credentials (freelance writers must show their personal ID and copies of several published articles) and by presenting their business cards. Registered media can invite researchers for interviews, take photographs or record only in the Press Room. This room is also available as a working space.

12. Participants with Children

ŸDay Care Service [pre-registration necessary]
July 28 8:30-20:00
July 29 8:30-19:00
July 30 8:30-19:00
*For the service outside of the above hours, please contact ALPHA Corp. listed below.
From 3 months old to elementary school children.
Only those who have pre-registered will be informed of the location.
Entrusting Company:
ALPHA Corporation Inc. (a full member of ACSA: All Japan Childcare Services Association) TEL: +81(0)3-5772-1222iOpen: Weekdays 9:30-18:30j
a) JPY3,000 (tax included) / per child, per day
b) JPY1, 500 (tax included) / per extra child, per day (a 50% discount)
c) JPY600 (tax include) / per child per hour (up to 4hours)
*You will be charged for the costs of diapers, etc. and an overtime fee for services outside of the hours listed above.
*Please pay the applicable fee in cash on the day of use. Please prepare the exact fee amount as we do not carry change on the premises.
*In case of a change or cancellation after the deadline, we will charge the full amount as a commission fee.
Send an email including the following information to ALPHA Corporation Inc.
Message Title: Neuroscience2015 Day Care Service Application
  1. Your name, affiliation and phone number (daytime phone number that you can be reached at before and during the meeting).
  2. Name, age and gender of your child / children
  3. Date and time you would like to use the service
  4. Special attention or notes for nursery staff (such as allergy information)
* You will receive a confirmation email along with the gTerms of servicesh and gApplication sheet.h If you do not receive an email by July 17, please call them directly.
Application Deadline:
July 14
ALPHA Corporation Inc. has prepared insurance in the event of unforeseen accidents. The damage incurred by an accident will be insured as long as it is within the insurance coverage. Please note that Neuroscince2015 will not be responsible for any accidents related to the day care service.

yNoteszBaby sitters will be arranged for the scheduled hours based upon reservations. This arrangement requires paying personnel costs and therefore full payment must be completed in advance. You will be asked to pay the full amount based on your reservation, even if you did not use the service. If you are delayed in picking up your child / children, you will be asked to pay for the extra time you use the service.

ŸNursing Room
A nursing room for babies will be open. Pre-registration is not required.

ŸChildcare Room
Please do not hesitate to use the break spaces provided at the meeting site, even if you are with your child / children. In addition, a Childcare Room will be available for having meal or rest breaks with your child / children or for diaper-changing. Pre-registration is not required. Please note that you must stay with your child / children when using the room as there will be no staff in attendance. Please note that Neuroscince2015 will not be responsible for any accidents that may occur during your use of this room.

Location: Room 304, 3F, Kobe International Conference Center
Opening Hours: 8:30-18:30, from July 28 to July 30

13. Prohibitions